Installing Eclipse & VMWare Studio Explorer on Mac OSX Lion

Older version of the Mac OS require you to make a visit to Apple’s development site and download a JDK, but if you have Lion then you simply need to choose the proper download from the Eclipse Site.  I used Eclipse Classic 3.7.2.

  1. Visit the Eclipse Download Site and grab Eclipse Classic.
  2. It comes as a tar.gz file.  Expand it an place it in you Applications directory.
  3. Double-click on the Eclipse Application.
  4. “Preferences | Install/Update | Available Software Sites” and choose “Add”
  5. Enter the location of your and give it a name like “VMWare VM Studio”
  6. Click the “Reload” button.  If your new site is properly setup it should come back error free and you can close that dialog.
  7. Click “Help | Install New Software…” and use the drop down to select your new site.
  8. Use the triangle to explore the available software, choose “VMWare Studio Plugin for Eclipse” and select the “Next” button.
  9. After working out all the dependencies, the installer will require you to accept a licensing agreement.  Click “Finish” when done.
  10. Select “Window | Show View | Other” and locate your VMware Studio Explorer.  Select it and click okay.
  11. You will have to restart Eclipse.

Once it comes back you will have a new explorer tab and a fine place to administer the VMware Studio from.