How to Get a Solid Price on Equipment

I’m not entirely sure how they do it, but seems to consistently offer the best pricing in this space.   What space?  They buy used equipment.  If you have Mac equipment they are definitely the best place.

I recently confirmed this after looking at Apple’s own buyback/reconditioning program.

While on the subject, has a phone buyback program.  I have successfully sent them old junk phones from where which they recycled as well as not so old iPhones.  Pace and all of these companies are going to handle the shipping costs and they make everything very simple arranging for pickup (UPS) for you.  Your responsibility is the boxing of the equipment.

NOTE: I recently sent BMT a spreadsheet with my available used equipment.  They got back to me promptly and with reasonable prices.  They made offers on stuff that their website did not have listed as well.  Shortly, after that we got a check.  Nice company, nice employees, nice CEO and the best value.  We will use them again as our equipment ages.

About Jay Farschman - Jay currently works as a Senior Systems Administrator for an asset management company in Colorado where he works with companies that produce hardware, telecommunications software and financial services.  Jay previously owned a consulting company and provided training and consulting services for three Fortune 500 companies and numerous small businesses where he leveraged Linux to provided exceptional value.