Jay Farschman  has more than 25 years experience with computer and telecommunications technologies first receiving certifications as a wireless telecommunications repair technician in 1984.

Jay’s technology background includes the design and project management of several sophisticated Internetworking products. He was personally responsible for the rollout of 6,000 client-server database terminals, and the design and implementation of a phone notification system reaching 12 million people.

As a consultant for HiTechSavvy, Jay has provided training and consulting services for three Fortune 500 companies, including Lucent and Avaya. Mr. Farschman also has experience with smaller organizations, like credit unions and telecommunications startup companies where he has provided technical architecture, implementation and data mining services in support of each company’s business plan.

Prior to starting his consulting business Mr. Farschman worked as the Director of Customer Care and Technical Support for a startup ISP where he established a very successful help desk, and built a corps of sales engineers in support of the company’s products. His group was responsible for the architecting, implementation and support of wide range of Internet products, including secure Internet access, web hosting, e-mail, Internet Banking, Internet Bill Payment.

Jay currently works as a Senior Systems Administrator for an asset management company in Colorado.


Jay Farschman works as a Configuration Engineer for Ping Identity where he spends his time on OpenStack, Puppet, Foreman and other automation solutions that accelerate the pace of change within the company.  Previously, he worked at an asset management company and owned is own consulting company that provided solutions to telecommunications hardware and software companies for numerous small and large businesses including three Fortune 500 companies.

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  1. do you still consult? we have some drive cloning issue with critical legacy sun hardware. please ping me on hidden email.


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