Installing Oracle with an RPM

Recently I took on the task of finding a way to install oracle 11gR2 on CentOS x64. This process seems to not be talked about on the Internet, or maybe I just don’t know how to search.

So, what makes it so difficult? It’s larger than the maximum allowed RPM size of 2GB, but that shouldn’t stop you from breaking it up into two RPMS where the second one calls the installer in silent mode.

I have it working, but I just wondered why the Internet is so silent about this subject.


A couple of weeks later and it looks like a matter of too much oracle documentation.  Oracle owns the SEO on these terms and penetrating them isn’t going to a simple matter of setting up an teaser article with a few terms filled out.  I’m going to try a few keywords and see how that goes for me.

keywords: rpmbuild


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