Viewing Your Linux Hardware with DMIDECODE

I never like opening a running system when I can simply query that system with a simply command for the information needed.  dmidecode is a great tool for polling hardware information in human-readable format.

In its simplest form you will dump all the information to the screen


but that’s a bit much so try running with the -t argument which lets you narrow down the search to the components (bios, system, baseboard, chassis, processor, memory, cache, connector, slot)  So, for instance, if need to learn how much RAM you system can handle:

# dmidecode -t memory
# dmidecode 2.10
SMBIOS 2.7 present.
# SMBIOS implementations newer than version 2.6 are not
# fully supported by this version of dmidecode.

Handle 0x0027, DMI type 16, 23 bytes
Physical Memory Array
    Location: System Board Or Motherboard
    Use: System Memory
    Error Correction Type: Single-bit ECC
    Maximum Capacity: 32 GB
    Error Information Handle: No Error
    Number Of Devices: 4

Enjoy and let me know you you end up using this command.


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